Mar 10
Chris Freegard

Meet the Trustees of Kaleidoscope Project!

The South Wales Argus finds out more about our Trustees and why they chose to get involved with the organisation: KALEIDOSCOPE chairman is Chris Freegard former managing director of Newport City Council. He has been involved with Kaleidoscope ever since he invited the charity to set up in the city and says it... read more →
Mar 08
Mar 07
Mar 07
Kerry Tutton - Argus Feature 07.03.2018

On the day of our first of several 50th Celebrations in 2018, former service user and now employee – Kerry Tutton, talks about the significant changes to her life she has achieved with the help of Kaleidoscope.

The South Wales Argus writes: "KERRY Tutton first tried crack cocaine at the age of 30 after her partner was killed in Bristol. Someone was charged with his murder, but they were cleared after trial. After her partner’s death, Ms Tutton, from the Pill area of Newport, was drinking heavily... read more →
Mar 06
Sian Chicken - Argus Feature 06.03.2018

On the Eve of our first event of 2018 to mark our 50th Anniversary Celebrations, Sian Chicken – Head of GDAS Operations, talks to the South Wales Argus about about our wide range of Drug, Alcohol and Recovery Hub services.

The South Wales Argus writes: "THIS week, we are running a series of features about Kaleidoscope - a charity which supports people with drug, alcohol and mental health issues in Gwent - as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. Today, ESTEL FARELL-ROIG finds out more about their services from Sian Chicken,... read more →
Mar 05

Church In Wales Press Release – ‘Flower power era charity marks 50 years combating drugs’

As we begin to celebrate our 50th Anniversary this week at Newport Cathedral, The Church in Wales talks to do of our service users about the positive impact Kaleidoscope has had on their lives: "A charity which grew out of a disco at a small church hall at the height of the... read more →
Mar 05
Martin Argus Feature 05.03.2018

As we begin our 50th Anniversary Celebrations this week, Martin Blakebrough talks to the South Wales Argus about Kaleidoscope’s past and hopes for the future.

As we begin our 50th Anniversary Celebrations this week, our CEO Martin Blakebrough talks to Estel Argus Farell-Roig of the South Wales Argus about Kaleidoscope's past and hopes for the future: THIS week we are running a series of features about Kaleidoscope - a charity which supports people with drug, alcohol and mental health issues in... read more →
Feb 15

Kaleidoscope’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations 2018!

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary in 2018, we will be hosting several events during the year: St Woolos Cathedral, Newport - Wednesday, 7th March  12:00-2:00pm We are hosting a celebration and lunch at Newport Cathedral. Guest speakers include Kaleidoscope CEO Martin Blakebrough, Executive Director of Transform Niamh Eastwood and the Most... read more →
Feb 12
Rondine Diploma Article

Rondine Molinaro MInstF(Dip), our Residential Services Executive Lead, talks about completing her IoF Diploma in Fundraising and her ambitions for the future.

As someone who has overcome an entrenched drug issue, I am passionate about ensuring we have the resources to give people a chance at living without drugs and alcohol and enjoying a productive and healthy existence. Early in my career, I faced judgement regarding my past. It only served to... read more →
Jan 22
Kingston Recovery Hub

Kaleidoscope Kingston Recovery Hub: A Journey Shared

The Kaleidoscope Kingston Recovery Hub is a peer led project providing a friendly and relaxing environment where individuals on their ‘recovery path’ get the support and advice they need to improve their well-being and contribute to/engage with the wider community as an equal citizen. Our Kingston Hub is located at: 28-46... read more →