Jul 01

The Luckiest

We live in deeply uncertain times. As the Black Lives Matter movement rails against racial injustice and the pandemic threatens to set women’s progress back decades, the lives of young people too have been turned upside down by unparalleled isolation and disruption. This collective pause has allowed many people to... read more →
Jun 29
Mar 24

Unfamiliar Ground : Kaleidoscope and COVID-19

A crisis such as this forces pressing issues to the foreground, issues that governments have long avoided taking sufficient measures to solve. Our under-funded health surface, often cruel welfare system and unacceptable numbers of street homeless are now frighteningly visible to all. But, as the country faces a shutdown unparalleled... read more →
Feb 18
Jan 10
Nov 22

Martin Addresses Welsh Government Review (Part 2)

To what extent are integrated mental health and substance misuse services accessible and how can such services be delivered more effectively to address the specific needs of rough sleepers in particular? On 13 November I wrote a paper for and addressed the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee at the National Assembly... read more →
Nov 14

Martin Addresses Welsh Government Review (Part 1)

What services are available for rough sleepers who have co-occurring substance misuse and mental health problems across Wales? On 13 November I wrote a paper for and addressed the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee at the National Assembly for Wales as it is currently undertaking follow-up work on its inquiry into rough sleeping It is... read more →
Jul 17

The End of Residential Care (unless you have loads of money)

The list of residential services that take people from statutory services are closing at an alarming rate, and those that survive are clearly at significant risk. Last year came the shock news that in nearby Bristol, Chandos House was to close: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/oct/17/closing-residential-rehab-increases-suffering-addicts-chandos-house This year we saw the excellent Broadreach Service sadly... read more →
May 31

The Hate U Give

The novel by Angie Thomas is a powerful expression of a black teenagers life caught between privilege and deprivation. It is an expose of racism but also it is very much about how society fails the very people it should protect. The death of a young black man by a... read more →
Mar 29

CEO Blog – March 2019

CEO Blog, Street Drugs; Is the Dragon Still Smoking? “Is Cocaine worse than Alcohol?” was a question I asked at South Wales Police Headquarters after an expert from Public Health stated she was horrified after going to a Nightclub with her son and saw so many young people taking cocaine.... read more →