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May 22
Apr 13

Banning Masturbation

CNN report that “a Texas lawmaker has proposed a bill that would fine a man $100 each time he masturbates.” The bill also imposes a 24-hour waiting period if a guy wants a colonoscopy or a vasectomy, or if he's in the market for some Viagra. The idea that... read more →
Mar 13

Hurray for the Riff Raff

I was listening to an interview with a recovering White Supremacist and he was asked what made him change. He explained that it was the weapon of kindness by the very people who he thought he hated. His manager at work was a lesbian and she treated him fairly, giving... read more →
Jan 06


Over Christmas and New Year I was in Uganda with the family. My wife had just finished an 8 week management placement there and we felt it would be a great idea to spend time with our African friends over this special time of year. This photo is of Debby’s... read more →
Nov 21

A Victory for Misogyny

The USA election of 2008 was a victory of HOPE, as we saw the first Black American elected as President. Eight years on it looked like we were having the first Female President but sadly her campaign was de-railed by her being seen as part of the establishment, seen to... read more →
Oct 07

Jesus Alone

“You’re an African doctor harvesting tear ducts You believe in God, but you get no special dispensation for this belief now You’re an old man sitting by the fire; you’re the mist rolling off the sea You’re a distant memory in the mind of the creator, don’t you see.” (Nick... read more →
Sep 09

Our Family

It is an exciting time to be part of the Kaleidoscope Family with ARCH joining us recently. There is now a service offered by us in every part of Wales and this gives us the opportunity of building on the excellent services ARCH have developed in England. ARCH staff have... read more →
Jun 21
May 16


We want life to be wonderful for children; childhood is precious and it should be a time of innocence and a time of discovery. The Fairy Tales we read to our children sometimes touch on the disturbing, such as the wicked queen feeding the poisonous apple to Snow White but... read more →
Apr 22