Supporting campaigns to improve the lives of others.

Kaleidoscope is a Campaigning Organisation, and we join with those who want to make the lives of people with drink, drug and mental health issues better. We also believe in Social Justice and we therefore support campaigns that improve the lives of our employees.

Below are the campaigns we support for a better drug policy.

Anyone’s Child

This campaign is one where families speak out against the current drug policy because of family members they have lost. We support their view that many young people lose their lives because they are taking illegal drugs, where there is not proper education or support or quality control of the substance taken. The price of making drugs illegal is that there is an increase of crime as criminal gangs profit from the current situation as the cost of the end user.

The criminality of drugs has been the cause of many young people’s deaths. It is also the case that for many others they have received criminal records which impacts on their future chances in life. Sadly for some it has also led them into a life of criminality which has an impact on their own liberty and the safety of our communities.

Kaleidoscope supports the campaign, whose goal is to have a proper evidenced approach to drug policy.

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Support Don’t Punish

This is a campaign of the International Drug Policy Consortium calling for a better drug policy globally which we very much support. We share the view that drug use should be seen as a health issue rather than one dealt with through the criminal justice system.

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Calls for an Inquiry into aid used for executions

Kaleidoscope joined others to campaign against the execution of drug users and asked their to be an inquiry over the possible use of Home Office money in such actions by states we have supported financially.

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Naloxone in Wales

Kaleidoscope is proud to support the use of Naloxone in Wales by service users. We have been on the forefront of such training and the evidence has shown a reduction of drug related deaths in Wales as opposed to the rest of the UK.

Nice People Take Drugs

Release is a vital agency in the UK looking to support service user rights. We are very supportive of their campaigns and in particular Nice People Take Drugs which seeks to tackle the stigma many people who use drugs face.











Martin Blakebrough modelling the T Shirt in Texas with friends in Harm Reduction from the States.

Living Wage

Kaleidoscope is committed to ensuring our own workers are supported as well as those people we support. People who have had difficulties with drug and alcohol issues often find it difficult to enter the jobs market, and it is doubly problematic if you do not get a salary that can take you out of the benefit system and allow you to stand independently.



DACW (Drug and Alcohol Charities Wales

Kaleidoscope is a founder member of DACW which campaigns for better services in Wales and where possible for services to be operated in collaboration. We also believe that where possible Welsh services should be run by Welsh People for the benefit of the citizens of our Country. Services with a Welsh commitment means we keep the higher paid jobs in Wales and we are more likely to purchase goods to run our services from Welsh organisation. In essence we are trying to support the Welsh Pound.

Disability Confident Employee

At Kaleidoscope we strive to be an equal opportunity employer and recognise that certain sections of our population do face discrimination. Disability is a key area where people have faced discrimination and we are determined to try and improve our working environment and recruitment so that we can employ the widest range of people possible.

Mindful Employer

Mental Health is something that affects a significant part of our population. As an agency we support people with mental health issues and we are also committed to supporting people with such issues to work for us.

Kaleidoscope Conferences

Kaleidoscope has held two major conferences which have enabled us to promote the rights of Women in treatment as well as championing the cause of Harm Reduction and new approaches to treatment.