Kaleidoscope – North Wales

Our Services

Commissioned by  HMPPS and North Wales OPCC, Kaleidoscope North Wales delivers an Integrated Criminal Justice Substance Misuse Service across the six Counties.

We are commissioned to deliver interventions via Test on Arrest. Restrictions on Bail. DIP, DRR, ATR and Conditional Cautioning.

The service is called AFFINITY and delivers a ‘Health and Wellbeing’ group work element to all Service Users.

We operate from delivery bases in each of the six counties and have staff based in three Custody suites across North Wales that deliver Court based assessments on behalf of NPS/CRC.

Our service operates a case management approach and our Recovery Oriented Groupwork programme is based on the Treatment Process model (ITEP) and the 5 ways to wellbeing.

There is a partnership element to AFFINITY which is delivered by CAIS in the form of Four Recovery Case Workers that actively link Service Users into Recovery Pathways and Support our Health and Wellbeing programme as well as working closely with Case Managers to deliver interventions.

North Wales Supporting People

Supporting People is an intensive floating tenancy support service operating within Flintshire designed to provide support to people within, or who have been linked to, the Criminal Justice System.  The project will also support individuals who have or have had, substance misuse issues, who are experiencing difficulty sustaining their tenancy or who need assistance to find accommodation, and manage independent living.  This project aims to assist service users to establish the foundations they require in order to help reduce their offending and substance use through sustainable accommodation support.

North Wales Front Line Network 


St Martin’s Frontline Network exists to harness the ideas, energy and experience of those at the frontline working with people experiencing homelessness.  We do this by building relationships, sharing best practice, developing solutions and communicating the experience and views of the frontline.

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