ARCH Initiatives Join the Kaleidoscope Family!

Aug 01

ARCH Initiatives Join the Kaleidoscope Family!

In July 2016, we effectively acquired another substance misuse provider – ARCH Initiatives.

In essence, ARCH remains in existence, but Kaleidoscope is now the sole member of the ARCH Initiatives Board, with four of our Kaleidoscope Trustees assuming Trusteeship of ARCH Initiatives.

This is really exciting news for Kaleidoscope and gives us Pan Wales contracts with additional contracts in Shropshire, Bradford, Bolton and a 20 bed in-patient unit in the Wirral.

It is an exciting time to be part of the Kaleidoscope Family with ARCH joining us recently. There is now a service offered by us in every part of Wales and this gives us the opportunity of building on the excellent services ARCH have developed in England. ARCH staff have considerable skills and we are moving forward with the new collaboration of staff, which can only enhance the quality of services we can offer to people with drug, alcohol and mental health issues.

As with Kaleidoscope, each service is unique responding to the demands of the commissioners, as well as responding to the unique community needs. Kaleidoscope is a patchwork of services which seeks to support staff to meet the needs of their locality, rather than provide a prescribed response.

We are united however in our desire to seek excellence; we are together because we want to make a difference in people’s lives.  Our central team is relatively small because we trust our managers and staff to make the right decisions in service delivery.

Kaleidoscope is still a relatively small social care agency, but together we can make a difference to thousands of people’s lives.

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