Kaleidoscope Awarded the Corporate Health Award Bronze Level

Sep 20

Kaleidoscope Awarded the Corporate Health Award Bronze Level

01 - Bronze CHSOn 18th of September, The Kaleidoscope central office was visited by Public Health Wales assessors who spoke to a number of staff from across the organisation and reviewed the evidence put forward to them. The Corporate Health Standard website states that:

“The Corporate Health Standard is a continuous journey of good practice and improvement, and it can be used as a tool to support the development of policies that promote the health and well-being of employees. Taking an organisational development approach, which is the most effective way of promoting sustainable health improvement, the Standard promotes good practice and supports businesses/organisations in taking active steps to promote the health and well-being of their staff.”

The day-long assessment consisted of meetings where staff discussed the benefits of working for Kaleidoscope in terms of how the organisation looks after their health and wellbeing. The assessors were very impressed with the examples and evidence put forward, and after a tense wait, it was revealed that we had been successful in obtaining the Bronze award. Harriet Jacobs, a HR Officer here at Kaleidoscope played a key role in organising the assessment and organising the evidence. She said  “I started looking at the award years ago. As time went on, wellbeing increasingly became a topic of great importance at Kaleidoscope until it was something that was engrained deeply within the organisation. I’m proud that the assessors saw that, and I look forward to contributing to the further development for staff health and wellbeing in the future.” 

The assessors said that particular highlights were our 2018 staff satisfaction survey results, our well-being strategy, PLATO (our HR and reporting database), and Senior Level Commitment to employee welfare and wellbeing. 


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