What is Buvidal, and is it right for you?

May 14

What is Buvidal, and is it right for you?

An addition to our opiate treatment toolbox…

Buvidal is a long-acting buprenorphine injection that is provided on a monthly basis.

Kaleidoscope is now making this treatment available to you, alongside all currently available treatments. Previously you may have been offered buprenorphine in a tablet form, for example, Subutex, Espranor or Suboxone.

Buvidal has had a positive impact on the recovery of a number of our service users, however it will not suit everyone. It is important that you make a well-informed choice when it comes to the right treatment for you, and our clinical teams are on hand to offer you support and guidance.

In this video, Kaleidoscope’s Rondine and Tommy quiz Dr. Bern Hard and Dr. Mohan De Silva on the long-acting buprenorphine injection, from the perspective of lived experience. Learn about the results we are seeing in patients, the process involved in getting started with Buvidal and whether the treatment could be right for you…


If you’re interested in learning more about Buvidal, click here to download this 6 page document which answers 21 questions put to our doctors from people with lived experience. The document is also available to download in Welsh language here.

Questions asked by the service user community include:

Q. I’ve heard that I need to be in withdrawals before I get started, what can I expect to feel like, and how long will that feeling last?

Q. After my first injection, what happens if I still feel withdrawals after a few days?

Q. What happens if I use drugs on top of Buvidal? For example opiates or cocaine?

Q. If I began treatment, but then wanted to use opiates on top from time to time, could I use and not experience withdrawals?

Q. How does titration work?

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