About us

Kaleidoscope is committed to working in partnership with other organisations, as we feel that this benefits our service users, our staff and those who commission services. Partnership working brings shared expertise, cost efficiencies and more streamlined treatment journeys for our service users.

Our Powys services are delivered in partnership with CAIS, and we deliver services in Gwent (Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service) and Dyfed (Dyfed Drug and Alcohol Service) in a consortium with G4S and Drugaid.

Dyfodol provides services within public prisons in the South Wales area and is delivered in partnership with G4S and WGCADA.

Change Step is a national service providing support for veterans affected by substance misuse and PTSD. Listen-In provides support for the families and carers of veterans. Both of these services are led by CAIS and delivered in partnership with other DACW (Drug and Alcohol Charities Wales) members.

Drink Wise Age Well is delivered in the Cwm Taff area for people with alcohol problems over the age of 50. This service is delivered in partnership with Drugaid, the Royal Voluntary Service and TEDS.

We are proud to work in partnership with Supporting People in our Kingston hostel and in our Newport Recovery House.

In addition to providing partnership services, we are lucky to receive funding from organisations such as The Big Lottery, Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA), Imagine Foundation, the Community Foundation in Wales and Awards for All. These smaller projects allow us to provide the services that aren’t funded through government contracts.

Kaleidoscope | Hardcore

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Kaleidoscope | Second Chance

A short film documentary about the values and future aims of the project.