About us


We seek to tackle the stigma that people with drug, alcohol and mental health issues face. This can be through direct campaigning for better governmental policies that supports not punish our service users to advocating for individuals.

We create a culture and environment where people feel valued and we inspire people to reach their own personal goals. To be a successful service we recognise;

• That Service Users have skills and experience that brings about change for themselves, their Peers and their communities.
• Investing in our people builds compassionate and pioneering teams.
• In our places stability and creativity thrive.


Our priority is delivering quality services which we benchmark against  recognised external accreditation, as well as anonymous surveys for clients and staff.
Cost effective/value for money services by reviewing our own  procurement of services and ensuring we do not exceed a 10% management charge. The introduction of greater co-production ensures that again we utilise all the resources available to us.
The organisation is one with a core belief in continuous improvement which requires us to be person centred and transparent with those receiving and buying our services. We seek only to work in areas where we can make a real difference and have an ethos of partnership working where at all possible.


To maximise positive change for those we seek to help

A sustainable business with a commitment to service delivery.

We recognise the importance of building a sustainable business which has suffiecient reserves and correct governence and systems in place to ensure our long term viability.

Motivated Staff

Key to successful services is to have a highly engaged and well trained staff. We will bench mark our work in this area through the IIP Award and our own internal Staff Survey. Creating a good place to work is important and we will continue to review staff salraies and benefits on an annual basis and be committed to the principle of the Living Wage for all our staff.

Service User Engagement

Innovation, social enterprise and successful treatment outcomes are
dependent on our service users being engaged in their own planning
for the future. Our priority is to work with service users to look at the
best possible options for their future.

Partnership Working

Working in partnership means we are challenged by difference, can gain from the expertise of others which supports our clients and look for economic benefit when working on shared back office services or procurment of goods.

Campaigning organisation

Advocacy is critical to what we do, and as an indpendent charity we have a duty to campaign on issues that either discriminate or harm our service users. To this end we must always have a campigning role in what we do.

Kaleidoscope | Hardcore

A short film documentary about the beginnings of the Kaleidoscope Project.

Kaleidoscope | Second Chance

A short film documentary about the values and future aims of the project.